In January 2014, there was a discussion about developing a do-it-yourself KNX device with help of Arduino and a Siemens buscoppler on the german KNX User Forum.

People where happy and started to develop own stuff. Months later, the idea to have a “over the bus programmable” DIY device rised. Early attempts in extening the DKA TpUart library with “property read/write, memory read/write” failed with strange timing issues. Again a fews weeks later, a few guys put their heads together to create a new attempt. And this is the documentation about this attempt.

It’s a complete open source project with an library for Arduino boards that allows KNX access and a smart software tool that allows programming those DIY devices via KNX bus.

But first of all, this child needs a name:


The name is a wordplay with “connect”, “connecting” and “Ing”, the german abbreviation for “engineer”. If you combine them, you will get “KONNEKTING”.

KONNEKTING is the generic term for the following two high-level projects:

There are some more sub-projects, but they are more or less low-level and not so important at this stage.